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What is Rememble?

Rememble is an online service that empowers you to create, view, enhance, share and even co-create digital memories. You do this by adding membles to a timeline representing your life. Membles are text messages, emails, images, video, audio clips, etc., that are stored on PCs, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, digital cameras, and even other web services.

What is it for?

Rememble is for making a narrative of your life from all the digital moments that you generate as you work, live, love and communicate.

Why would I use it?

You might want to store stuff here to remind your of places and people in your life; such as the story of your relationship with a girlfriend, boyfriend or partner told in text messages, images and videos that you can't bring yourself to delete from your mobile phone.

Or you might use Rememble as a creative scrapbook on a project you are doing. Capture ideas as text messages sent to Rememble, and capture images of visual inspiration you see on the street when you are walking to your next meeting. Get an idea while on the loo? Video yourself and tell it to camera, then send it to your membleline.

Or a group of you might go out for your birthday and you all take lots of pic's and videos of the night. You might want to share them with each other and weave everyone's pic's and vids together in time to collectively tell the whole nights story.

Is it for storing stuff or for remembering stuff?

We feel that it's for remembering stuff rather than storing stuff. We also feel that it's for reflecting on stuff and getting sentimental about stuff. And also getting excited about stuff and getting inspired about stuff too. It's about tapping into the power of storytelling - of your past, present and future - to make life interesting.

Can I add stuff in from flickr or twitter or my blog?

Yes - you can currently add stuff in from Flickr and Twitter. Go to the Add Membles page and you'll see the buttons at the bottom there.

As far as pulling blogs posts in goes - it's not there just yet but we're working on it. We want this function too :)

How can I show my Membleline to other people who don't use Rememble?

For other people to view your membleline they must first register for an account on Rememble, you can invite them from your profile page using the Invite Friends button in your friends box. Once they sign in you are automatically added as friends of each other.

What will you do about inappropriate material?

We will check it out and remove it from public memblelines and give the user a warning. If they persist then we'll ban them from Rememble. And we know their mobile number so we can tell if they try to set up a new account and we won't let them the cheeky sods.

What's all this 'memble' business then?

We invented this word to name the idea of a 'meaningful digital object or moment'. A memble is a text message, digital image, digital video, an audio file, and can also be links, documents and more. It kinda brought itself into the world as a fun word that just seemed to work, we started using it and it just, well, stuck.

Can I download my Membles if I want to?

Not just right now - but that's not because we're being weird or anything. We'd like you to be able to do this too, so we are working to add that feature to Rememble as soon as we can.

Can everyone see my membles?

When you upload to Rememble you have the option to let everyone see the membles you're uploading, just let your friends see them, or to keep them totally private. At the moment we've set the default at public to help grow the site. You can change your privacy settings in 'Your Settings' page if you'd like to keep everything private, and we're working on 'in-between' privacy settings too so stay tuned.

You can also set the privacy of any individual memble - when you view the memble click on 'Share' and set the option to 'Nobody (only I can see it)' to make it private.

What is your privacy policy?

We wholeheartedly respect your privacy. Click here for the legal stuff.

I live outside the UK, can I still upload membles from my mobile phone?

Rememble's mobile number is supplied by a UK mobile operator and can receive both SMS and MMS from UK mobile users and from any mobile user worldwide. However, it is still not always possible to receive MMS messages from non UK mobile users because of interoperability between mobile operators. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. Please try out whether it works for you.

Are my Membles safe and secure?

Very honestly, your membles are pretty darn safe - we're using Amazon hosting. This is the same place that Amazon.com holds all it's data about books and users and things, so they're not going to lose all that in a hurry.

Still, we urge you to view Rememble as a place to play with and share your digital bits and pieces, and not as a storage facility per se. We recommend you back up your vital files and media on external hard-drives in various locations in your work and home and make use of one of the many online sites that offer this service.

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